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OK lets not oversell, my friends think that I'm funny; Is that like having your mom say you're pretty?

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I got my daughter this Barbie doll and she loves it! She came in a cute two-piece swimsuit with crimped hair and sunglasses. Like most girls her age, my daughter likes to dress up her dolls and change their outfits. This particular doll fits in all the little dresses, But none of the shoes fit.

The only shoes I can get on her feet are Ken’s dress shoes. How weird is that? Did I buy my daughter some type of Big-foot Barbie doll? I know it’s been a while since I’ve played with dolls, but I have to ask. Do Barbie dolls have different shoe sizes now?

25 years old and still awesome!  Just in case you were wondering it still works. Now who wants to play Tetris? 

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Granny’s house is always fun! Who else keeps copious amounts of balloons at their house?

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In honour of yesterday being the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy. Here is an homage, a chalk drawing inspired by Tetris done by my kids.

My son has turned the Bat lair into a pony stable.

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Easter was great! My kids made out like bandits! The Easter bunny Grandma was extremely generous. She planned an fun egg hunt and the kids had a blast.

Unfortunately I was home sick so I missed all the fun. Oh well at least they brought home lots of chocolate. 

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna performing a Princess Bell Cosplay.

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Happy Easter! Joyeuse Paques! Buona Pasqua!

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Is this it, or are there other animals?

My 5 year old daughter at the Easter petting zoo in the mall

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