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My cat Teagan looking less than impressed.

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Woo-Hoo it’s Friday! 

Woo-Hoo it’s Friday! 

My daughter was trying to make a heart . But to me it looks like a Mickey Mouse head.

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My sons new Dino. He has been aptly named Chomper.

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My daughter was almost 15 months old in this picture. 

Now she is getting ready for kindergarten. 

How did this happen so quickly?

Another picture of our furry friend. The kids have named her Patra.

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Spotted this gorgeous little cat in my yard this morning. 

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My daughter loves to swim, in our backyard pool.

But when we go to swimming lessons, she starts to act the fool!

She is good in the water, but there is room for improvement. 

Because as of now, kicking and screaming have become her trademark movements.

She stomps her feet and pouts, followed by lots of tears.

Meanwhile the other kids probably want to block their ears. 

I’m not ready to give up, despite my reservations. 

Hopefully by next session, the tantrums take a permanent vacation. 

These were once Beige…

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New nail colour!  It reminds of Eeyore .

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