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Mom, If a Unicycle has one wheel; Why isn’t a bicycle called a Twonicycle?

My 3 1/2 year old son at breakfast this morning 

good point

Hanging basket

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That awkward moment: Sitting down to watch a movie with your kids; And forgetting that 1955 had completely different standards, when portraying different races and ethnicities on film. 

Yikes! I completely forgot about this scene in Lady and the Tramp. All I remembered was two dogs accidental kissing while sharing a spaghetti dinner.

Note to self: I will now screen these “classic” films before I watch them with my kids. Regardless of the fact that they are rated G

I hope this works. My daughter sucks her thumb and is starting to bite her nails. Perhaps my $13 investment can save me from paying for years of costly orthodontics.

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They say that when life gives you Lemons, you should make Lemonade. So what are you supposed to do when life gives you a bowling pin?

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This applies to Dads as well. 

This applies to Dads as well. 

Behold castle Grumbeo !

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My son has hit a major milestone! He has finally moved up a level in swimming. Bye-bye White, hello Yellow. 

Full disclosure: I never thought this day would come. For the longest time he had no interest in learning to swim.

When we got the report card, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My son has learned to swim without the aid of a flotation device.