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  • My husband and I are bilingual. We live in Canada, but were born and continue to live in Quebec. We speak French but at home we speak primarily in English. That being said we still want our kids to learn French.
  • Yesterday I was going over some animal names with my son and this is what happened...
  • Me: Dog
  • My son: Chien
  • Me: Good job!
  • My son: Yeah! (While clapping his hands)
  • Me: Cat
  • My son: Chat
  • Me: Very good!
  • My son: (Holding his rooster puppet) How do you say this?
  • Me: Coq
  • My son: Mommy I have a big Coq
  • Me: (Uncontrollable laughter to the point of tears) Yes you do!
  • Yup my immaturity is still completely intact. Maybe I'll hold off on telling him the French word for Seal.
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  3. electradaddy said: Aren’t there very strict rules (or used to be) regarding kids & whether their schooling is in French or English or maybe that’s in provinces outside of Quebec or just in Quebec? I remember reading something about this many years ago (like 20+).
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  5. datmamaswag said: Now I’m curious. What’s the French word for seal?
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