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So I bought some markers for my kids and one of them is completely empty. Just my luck it’s the Pink one, of course it had to be daughters favourite colour. This made me laugh, since I specifically chose this brand of markers because I figured the cheap ones would dry up quickly. Go figure!

Luckily there is another Pink and the Orange and Purple markers work, so my daughter isn’t too upset. I called the Crayola people and they were extremely sympathetic. The customer service representative was helpful, friendly and efficient.  She sent me a coupon to replace the entire box of markers.

This is an example of customer service done right! No nickel and diming, no sending the customer back to the store. They apologized  and then rectified the situation. My favourite part of our interaction was the way she ended the call “Thank you for calling Crayola and have a colourful day”. 

Thank you Crayola for making my children’s day a bit brighter!

  1. electradaddy said: Good customer service truly builds brand loyalty. Nice to see that Crayola understands this basic fact.
  2. theramblingark said: I am glad this was a better customer service experience as compared to the Smarties incident…
  3. sunsaturatedsidethoughts said: They must’ve known you’re a cynical crayon;)
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