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This book is a classic! My Mom read this to me when I was little. Grover spends the whole book fearing the monster at the end of the book. He begs,pleads and uses every trick up his sleeve to prevent the reader from turning the page.

In the end the Monster at the end of the book is loveable,furry old Grover.

My kids love this book and I love reading it to them. If you haven’t read it already I suggest you check it out. 

  1. electradaddy said: Going to look for this one. Grover is my favorite character.
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    I loved this book until I read David Plotz’s review of Mo Willems’ We Are In a Book! (you can find it here) and then all...
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    This is the greatest book! I can still remember my mom doing the Grover voice. I loved turning every page. I recently...
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    I loved this book and now so do my boys!
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    I have both books. I used to read them with a Grover voice. Grover has always been my favorite :D
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    Oh my goodness! I loved this book so much. I wish I could find it again for my kids!
  9. wesohaute said: M loves this book! And I enjoy reading it 😊
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    This was my favourite book when I was little
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    I use to love this book!!!
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