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Don’t be fooled by this book; I know it shows Tinkerbell and all her buddies, but this book is a whopping 63 pages long! Plus it uses some of the most complicated language I’ve ever read in a children’s story. 

Don’t believe me, check out the excerpt on page 12.

To quote my husband “…is Disney is trying to teach my kid quantum mechanics.”

Maybe its just me, but am I the only who thinks the language in this book is a wee bit advanced?

  1. electradaddy said: It is a bit much.
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  4. onnigdianne answered: Makes sense to me….
  5. martastrickland answered: Maybe it needs to have a diagram. I mean, if you are going to teach the kids, then really teach them how to make an autumn sceptre.
  6. andimthedad answered: The movie has the same language in it, in fact, and I had to laugh at that part… they try to sound so scientific!
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  10. imtellingben answered: That hurts my head.
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    Oh, so pixie dust isn’t nuclear fairy dust, it’s transmuted light. Damn it Charming, you moron.
  13. losthorizons11 answered: Pandora is obsessed with the movie…If the book is that long we may just skip that haha
  14. mysolitaryskirmishes said: What is the trajectory of that book being trashed? ;)
  15. mytravelingmama said: The fuck?!
  16. sunsaturatedsidethoughts said: Lost me at trajectory;)
  17. twintasticfour answered: There goes Disney, teaching kids alchemy again!
  18. asinactuallyfactually said: I like when a book doesn’t dumb down stuff for children, its a fun and easy way for them to pick up bigger words from the context, its makes it easier when they are at school and faced with a whole list of words they must learn.
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