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Mother’s day gifts from my little ones. Also not pictured gift certificates to the spa! 

This is the inscription on the back of the hand prints:

Sometimes you get discouraged; Because I am so small.

And always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls.

But every day I’m growing - I’ll be grown some day

And all those tiny hand-prints Will surely fade away.

So here’s a little hand-print Just so you can recall

Exactly how my fingers looked When I was very small.

Via Instagram

Happy Mother`s day everyone! 

We had a spa day at my kids pre-school. Guess who got a manicure?

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An early Mother’s day gift from my Mom. Awwww….

Via Instagram

Would you apply for a job that has these requirements:

• Standing up almost all the time

• Constantly exerting yourself

• Working from 135 to unlimited hours per week

• Degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary

• No vacations

• The work load goes up on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays

• No time to sleep

• Salary = $0

Probably not, but many people already have the job. Watch this until the end to find out the other name for the Director of Operations. I promise it’s worth it!

Mother`s day cupcakes! Mmmm…these taste much better than flowers :)

Flowers for my Mama, she liked them but prefers Tulips she can grow in her own garden. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. 

Also check out the beautiful Roses my brother got my Mom. They put my little yellow Tulips to shame. Thanks a lot bro!  She liked them too but still prefers something she can plant in her garden. 

Note to self: Next year get Mom a potted plant. 

Yesterday my kids slept in until 8:15am, AWESOME! Today they woke up at 7am, which is slightly less awesome. My loving husband has taken the kids into the other room so I can sleep in.

Sadly I am wide awake, but he brought me my laptop. SCORE! I am currently “sleeping” aka hiding in the bedroom enjoying some quiet time. 

So far this has the makings of a fabulous mothers day.

My Mother’s day gift! My daughter painted this mug at one those DIY pottery places. We sat down together and created this masterpiece. I’ll probably never drink from it, but I will always cherish it. 

Happy Mothers day everyone!

So this is Mother’s day weekend. Yeah for me, I can’t wait to indulge in all of the wonder and merriment. Women everywhere get to bask in this glorious celebration.  

Saturday morning began with a bang! Literally, at 3:51am my son woke up crying. His night diaper exploded. He was covered in pee and all of these gelatinous crystal. Arrrgggghhhhh . I had to change his pyjamas,diapers and sheets. Then I had to wipe him down with a damp cloth. With all of this going on my son decided it was party time. He started jumping up and down and screaming and yelling.

Fortunately my daughter will sleep through anything. This is not the same story for my husband. All of that noise woke him up. He came in to see if everything was OK.  Maybe it was his lack of sleep, or his undying love for me. Whatever the reason he made the ultimate sacrifice.

He volunteered to put my son back to bed. This was great, maybe mother’s day wouldn’t be so bad afterall. I went back to sleep and my poor husband was up with my son for the next 90 minutes.

Saturday night was spent with my in laws. We packed the kids in the car and went to have dinner with them. They planned a BBQ and the food was great. We had Salmon and lamb with sweet potato fries.

My daughter gave me a mother’s day gift. She had baked cookies for me with her grandma. She painted a flower pot and the cookies were made into a floral arrangement. Cool, my first mother day’s gift from my daughter.

I’m not into gardening but I figured that this was something I could keep. After the meal we packed up our stuff to head home. My husband began disassembling my cookie flowers. When he tried to undo it his hand slipped and so did the pot. Poor guy he felt really bad. We haven’t told my daughter. I won’t bring it up unless she ask.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. My son slept in! He woke up at 7:35am  and his sister was up minutes later. My husband however was fast asleep. So I got the kids dressed and fed and let him sleep in. I know it’s mother’s day but he’s a good guy and deserves a break…No pun intended.

When he woke up he got the kids to give me my gift. Well sort of, my son didn’t want to give me the card. Instead he gave me the gift and ran around the house waving the card in the air. My gift was great! I got tickets to the Cirque du soleil Michael Jackson show. 

In the afternoon we went to visit my parents.The kids were happy to see them and we had a fun afternoon in the park.  All in all it was fun day. My mom and I got along and the kids were well behaved.

There was jus one little thing that bothered me. I didn’t get any mother’s day time for myself. Oh well, I guess mother’s day isn’t really about me. I would have loved a day to myself ; But that is part of the reality of becoming a mom.

I guess this is a small price to pay. I owe it to my mother for all of the years she put herself second for the sake of her kids.
Love you mom, Happy mother’s day :)
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