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The playroom is a mess! But at least you can see some of my kids favourite books displayed on the floor amongst the rest of the toys :)

So I`m standing in line at the grocery store watching the cashier scan my food. Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep

She goes through the fruits and then starts keying in the veggies.

Then she pauses and stares at the Zucchini curiously. This is what happened next….

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The doll house

This was hand made by my in-laws for my daughter. All of the linens were made to measure and hand sewn.  All of the wooden furniture was also handmade.  From start to finish it took them almost 4 month to build.  My kids play with it everyday. 

When my daughter saw it for the fist time she was almost speechless. This is a gift that we will treasure for years to come :)

My daughter: Does daddy have to go to work today?

Me: Not today it’s a holiday

My daughter: Does he go to work tomorrow?

Me: Yes he does.

My daughter: Do you know why daddy works? Daddy works so that he can pay for the house and then we will have much more money

Me: Yeah, something like that :)

A fun day at the train museum :)

Me losing my cool and telling my 3 year old daughter to “get it together”

My daughter: Mommy, do you remember when I was a baby?

Me: Yes I do, you lived in my tummy.

My daughter: You used to feed me through my umbrella cord

Me: (Laughing) I think you mean umbilical cord

My daughter: Yeah umbrella cord. That’s what I said

Tell me I’m not the only one this happens to?

Tell me I’m not the only one this happens to?

We got caught in the rain coming back from the park…..Most people try to run home asap! I figured what the hell. We are already soaking wet let so lets take some pictures! 

Pool party!

So I noticed my cat starring into the darkness. I turned on the lights and 8 racoons were having a pool party. You can only see 4 of them in the picture but it was really cute. Maybe Ricky came back and brought some friends. I guess I’ll never know?