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The snow was too crunchy to make a snowman so we had to improvise

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I love Sunflowers! They are one of my favourite flowers. I used to grow them with my Mom when I was little.They grew so tall that they would reach up to my second storey window.

I was thinking about growing them with the kids until I remembered these old pictures. Back in 2004, way before kids I planted some Sunflowers in my back yard. They were so big and beautiful. I would look at them in awe and I really enjoyed them. Then one day my Sunflowers disappeared. Where I once had these gorgeous majestic flowers. I now had 5 foot tall sticks.

I couldn’t  figure out what had happened until I saw this little Squirrel having an all you can eat buffet. I was heart broken when I realised that this adorable rodent decapitated my beloved flowers.

Well I have learned from my mistakes.I am not going through that again. My neighbour was kind enough to give us some Tomato plants, so I think we’ll grow a vegetable garden instead. I ‘ll get some cucumbers, peppers, carrots and maybe some exotic Yellow Zucchini. 

I’ll create some memories with the kids and I’ll be far less annoyed if the squirrels eat them.

So I`m standing in line at the grocery store watching the cashier scan my food. Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep

She goes through the fruits and then starts keying in the veggies.

Then she pauses and stares at the Zucchini curiously. This is what happened next….

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