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Kicking back after a long day

Via Instagram

Bath-Time! When I see these two, I always imagine this is what the Hungry hungry hippos would wear on vacation.

Via Instagram

  • Don’t drink the bath water
  • Don’t lick the tub
  • Don’t eat the bubbles
  • Please keep the water in the tub
  • You can’t put the soap up there
  • If you pee in the tub I have to wash you again.
  • Don’t poop in the shower!
  • You can’t bring toilet paper in the bathtub 
  • Stop hoarding all the bath toys!
  • You can’t keep the bubbles away from your sister
  • Yes we have to wash your hair again.
  • That isn’t a spider in the tub its a piece of your hair
  • Stop chewing on your Rubber ducky
  • Sucking the water out of the wash-cloth is the same as drinking it.
  • Stop chewing the foam letters
  • Please don’t lick the soap
  • Don’t stick your fingers in the Jacuzzi jets
  • Please move over, your bum is blocking the water from going down the drain


Bath time! Man I love my daughter’s curls :)