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I love you Mommy. I’m going to sit right here and watch you do your work. When you’re done we can play together. Just don’t take to long because I’ll miss you.
My 4 1/2 year old daughter can teach a master class on guilt trips 

Once a week I get to spend some one on one time with my daughter.  We spend the day together hanging out and we go grab a bite to eat. I decided to take my daughter out for brunch at a local breakfast joint. 

My favourite item on the menu is crepes with French toast, served with a mountain of fruit and a side of bacon or sausage. My daughter decided to have the waffles served with cream and fruit.

Her order surprised me, I was almost positive that she would have ordered pancakes with Strawberries,whipped cream and chocolate. When I asked why she choose the waffles, she looked at me and very matter of factly responded “I used to get waffles all the time… but now you don’t make them any more…who knows if I will get waffles again! “

Well at that point I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole. She was right. I used make waffles but I stopped, because…because? Well I guess I didn’t really have a reason. Maybe it was laziness or I was just tired. Either way I didn’t think the kids wanted waffles any more.

They used to ask me to make them all the time, then they stopped asking. Come to think of it, they would ask me to make them and I would promise to do it; But something would come up and I’d forget.

Seeing the look on my daughters face, made me feel like the worst mother in the world. She didn’t care about going out for brunch. All she wanted was a batch of Mom’s home-made blueberry waffles. 

So l got my act together. I made some Carrot muffins and a double batch of waffles. The house smelled heavenly and my daughter was really happy. “Mommy, you remembered” is what she said, “do you want to have some with me?”  I really didn’t want any, I still felt guilty but I had some to make my daughter happy.

Next time I make waffles for the kids, I’ll have to remember to make my self a triple batch of Humble pie. 






Universal truths (:

Universal truths (:

Parental guilt :D

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