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Bicycle time! Very soon the training wheels are coming off….

Behold Disney on ice. My kids loved this show.  The lights, music, costumes and characters made for a truly magical experience. 

As for me, I must admit that I almost nodded off a couple of times. So I decided to pick up my camera and take some pictures. In the end I got some decent shots and the kids were thrilled when they saw the pictures.  

So all in all, I would say that Disney on Ice was a great success! 

BOOM! Snowball fight!

The kids were playing in the snow and attempted to have a snowball fight. The snow was light and fluffy (so we couldn’t exactly form it into a ball), but we made the best of it.  Canadian Winters eh?

If Monday was a photograph, this would be it.

Time to eat! My cat loves to eat.

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This might look like a beautiful picturesque Canadian winter morning; But the truth of the matter is that on this day it was -22°C with a wind-chill factor that made it feel like -32°C.

Despite the fact that it was freezing cold, I took off my glove off for a brief second to capture the sun peaking through the trees.

For my efforts I was rewarded with a beautiful picture.

Because of my foolishness I was left with a very cold and very numb right hand. 

Christmas at my In-laws, good food, good people, good fun and the kids got spoiled rotten. What’s not to love about this time of year?

What a difference a day makes, or in this case roughly 730 of them.

Seeing them sitting there together puts a smile on my face. I wonder how much longer the two of them will fit in that little corner?

Every year I like to take a few crazy Christmas tree pictures. This year is no exception.  Warp speed ahead! Doesn’t this remind you of the movie Space Balls?

The tree is up!  I know fake trees aren’t environmentally friendly, but that’s all I’ve ever had. Growing up I always had an artificial tree.

I have fond memories of my dad bringing a big cardboard box up from the basement. Inside were Green metal branches, with plastic pine needles and colour coded metal rods. I remember my parents unpacking the branches, sorting them and assembling the tree.

Then we would all decorate it together. I loved that tree and to this day I prefer artificial trees. When I see real Christmas trees, it makes me feel sad. There is something tragic about chopping down a beautiful tree just so it can sit in your living room for a few weeks.

I’m sure they smell great and look really nice, but having a dead tree sit in my living room just isn’t Christmas to me.