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This is my kids first time seeing fireworks! They were a bit unsettled by how loud it was, but in the end they were completely enchanted. 

A penny for your thoughts? 

My daughter was almost 15 months old in this picture. 

Now she is getting ready for kindergarten. 

How did this happen so quickly?

A fun morning at the park.

Bicycle time! Very soon the training wheels are coming off….

Behold Disney on ice. My kids loved this show.  The lights, music, costumes and characters made for a truly magical experience. 

As for me, I must admit that I almost nodded off a couple of times. So I decided to pick up my camera and take some pictures. In the end I got some decent shots and the kids were thrilled when they saw the pictures.  

So all in all, I would say that Disney on Ice was a great success! 

BOOM! Snowball fight!

The kids were playing in the snow and attempted to have a snowball fight. The snow was light and fluffy (so we couldn’t exactly form it into a ball), but we made the best of it.  Canadian Winters eh?

If Monday was a photograph, this would be it.

Time to eat! My cat loves to eat.

Via Instagram

This might look like a beautiful picturesque Canadian winter morning; But the truth of the matter is that on this day it was -22°C with a wind-chill factor that made it feel like -32°C.

Despite the fact that it was freezing cold, I took off my glove off for a brief second to capture the sun peaking through the trees.

For my efforts I was rewarded with a beautiful picture.

Because of my foolishness I was left with a very cold and very numb right hand.