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Storm clouds are rolling in…again.  Hopefully today doesn’t completely suck.

Storm clouds are rolling in…again.  Hopefully today doesn’t completely suck.

This song describes my current relationship with Mother Nature.
Its been another one of these weird spring weather weeks.  One minute the warm sun is shinning. The next minute grey skies and rain.
My kids are getting antsy and I’m starting to wonder, Should I stay in or should I go…To the park? 

No more snow, I’ve had enough. lets rid ourselves, of this white fluff.

Mother Nature has called her bluff.

Please make it stop, I’m not that tough.

Winter’s over, now it’s spring. Time to clean up everything.

No more hats, no more cold. The sniffling and sneezing is getting old.

Please bring back the nice warm sun.

I promise I’ll be happier in the long run.

I’m begging and pleading and really wishing.

Once the snow goes away I’ll stop bitching. 

OK I lied, I’ll still complain. But now my issue will be with the rain.

I really liked my umbrella, she always kept me dry. Her transparent plastic dome, helped me to see outside. Wearing glasses on a rainy day can really be a bummer. 

The lenses get wet and then fog up, throughout most of the summer. This Saturday we had a storm and god unleashed his wrath.

 When guests arrived at the house, it was as if they had taken a bath.            Someone needed to go out and get something from their car.

My husband offered my umbrella, since they hadn’t parked that far. The wind was strong and conditions were rough. My poor umbrella had taken enough.

She cracked and bent and sprung a leak. With wind that strong she just couldn’t compete. *Sigh*

Now it’s time to say adieu, in the end I had no choice but to discard you. 


We got caught in the rain coming back from the park…..Most people try to run home asap! I figured what the hell. We are already soaking wet let so lets take some pictures!