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OK lets not oversell, my friends think that I'm funny; Is that like having your mom say you're pretty?

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Time for your check up! 

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See ya later Aligator… via Instagram

My daughter’s new toy.

"Look Mom she has brown skin like me" - My five year old daughter when she opened up her new Barbie doll. 

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These little cars remind me of a video game I used to play back in the day… via Instagram


Blue hair is where it’s at! I love these funky little dolls.

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Doll party! My friend told me about  a web series on Youtube called The Most popular Girl In School. Now when I see my daughter’s Barbie dolls I can’t help but laugh! 

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I am Iron Man!

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My sons new toy car. Pretty cool, maybe one day I’ll try playing the game associated with it. via Instagram

My daughter’s toy wand/sceptre, kept reminding me of something. Then this morning at breakfast it hit me! 

I am now a cool Mom because I buy princess margarine. 

Achievement unlocked: Level up!


Note the pageantry of the animals. Their noble plastic stance on the corduroy plain. Nestled deep in the heart of suburbia, they patiently await the return of their master…

When cleaning up the toys, I came across my sons animals lined up in a row. The above text is my inner monologue when I stopped to look at them. Also please note that this needs to be read in David Attenborough’s voice to get the full effect.

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