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For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy a random selection of my sons dinosaur collection. My daughter has some too, but she doesn’t really play with them.

I like these toys because they are simple, and they encourage my son to use his imagination. I also enjoy the fact that this toy is quiet and doesn’t require any batteries.

One thing that I do not enjoy is stepping on the Stegosaurus or the Triceratops; Especially at 6:30 in the morning. Those little bastards are rock hard and will take you down. 

My kids love My Little Pony! Something about those little plastic horses makes them really happy. The other day I went to Walmart and discovered that they make a fake version of them. Score!

Instead of paying 10$ for a little plastic toy. I can pay $1 for a little plastic toy. My kids can’t tell the difference and I get to save some cash.


I’ve always found this little Giraffe to be such a strange looking toy. When I watched Madagascar with my kids, they were so excited to see Melman!

Other than that, they didn’t really like the film.

My friend gave me a tip about some adorable stuffed animals. At $2 a piece I couldn’t resist. The kids love them and have now named them. 

From left to right Woofer,Emily,Gronky& Pigly 

Can you guess which toys were named by the 2 1/2 year old and which ones were named by the almost 4 year old?

Introducing two of my daughters favourites: Black Beauty and Black Beauty White.

You’ve gotta love the names LOL! :)

A wooden forklift!  A fun and simple toy. 

Today my son was playing with his toys and he was happy. He had this huge grin on his face. Under Normal circumstances  my son is pretty clingy. He always wants to be held and for lack of a better term he can be pretty needy.  

This morning he was chasing his toy cat around on the floor. He was screaming and laughing, basically having the time of his life. This however was not a Kodak moment.

My son loves animals and when he was younger he had an obsession with cats. We have two pet cats at home so it makes sense. He would pet them and cuddle with them; I’m pretty sure his first word was cat.

Last Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to buy my son a toy cat.  The toy looked so cute. This orange plastic cat with a yellow nose and a red light up bow-tie. Inside of the bow-tie is a sensor, designed to make the toy run away from the child as they approach. Sounds like good clean fun right?

Wrong! This toy is a nightmare. The songs are loud and annoying and the cat doesn’t run fast enough. My son always catches the stupid cat and he loves to throw it across the room. All morning long I was treated to the rhythmic sound of the plastic cat crashing against my hardwood floors. 

The cat supposedly sings 3 or 4 songs but I’ve never heard them. This cat is stuck on this one song and it is driving me berserk. The lights flash and the cat seems to go round and round in this  funny loop. There is no volume control so you are stuck hearing this loud annoying music over and over….

♪♫ Catch me, catch me, if you can I’m-a-kitty-who-loves-to-play….♪♫

SHUT UP you stupid incessant plastic feline! Why must you taunt me? Why?

Perhaps I can distract my son and hide this plastic menace.  Fat chance. I’ll just have to wait this out. Lucky for me he has a short attention span. Once his back is turned kitty will take a looooong nap and I will introduce a quieter and slightly less annoying toy.  

When all else fails curling up together to read a good book always works. 

Originally posted April 25,2012

My kids love this little piano! Another fun toy that thankfully is kept at Grandma’s house. I’ll admit it’s cute but after awhile it gets annoying.

My son loves motorcycles. When he got this as a birthday gift,  he just about lost his mind. We couldn’t get it out of the package fast enough :)

Weebles are cute, Except in the dark… Then they really hurt. I stubbed my toe and face-planted on the hardwood floor in the playroom :(